About Sedara


We are an MSSP bringing organizations cybersecurity through compliance

Who We Are:

Sedara Security was founded in 2013 to streamline practical and effective cybersecurity for medium to smaller-large organizations. We are headquartered in Buffalo, NY and all we do is cybersecurity day-in and day-out. Our communities are adopting technology faster than we can keep everything secure and this fundamental problem currently does not have a solution. This uphill battle drives us to bring honed cybersecurity expertise, strategies, and practices to as many organizations as possible.

Our Mission:

Sedara Security was founded in 2013 to streamline practical and effective cybersecurity for medium to smaller-large organizations. Our mission is urgent and critical because…

  • Cybercriminals are getting better at avoiding detection.
  • Compliance is getting more specific and costly, by the month.
  • There is a dire lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals in every industry.
  • Traditional cybersecurity practices simply do not cut it anymore.

We kill all of these birds with one stone from the ground floor.

Why Cybersecurity through Compliance Works:

Every single Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certified company that has experienced a security breach, has failed a followup PCI audit. This means they are actually no longer compliant by the time the breach happens. 71% of companies fall out of PCI compliance in under a year.

Organizations struggle to remain compliant which directly correlates with their ability to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Compliance is a great place to start when securing any network.

Protecting What is Important

At Sedara our goal is to protect what is important to your business.  Through state of the art technology and a workflow tailored to your business needs, we pride ourselves on keeping your data and information safe.  We know it takes an innovative and flexible managed security company to protect against the growing amount of malicious and invasive threats your company faces on a daily basis.

Superior Protection with Innovative Technology

By coupling advanced technology with an experienced team, we are able to deliver each of our clients the peace of mind that their data is protected 24/7. Sedara can help prevent attacks that can cost thousands or millions of dollars.

Personalized Security Services

We understand the importance of protecting every company we work with, regardless of the market they are in. From small companies to large, we will tailor our services for each client. We work with every customer to find the security solutions that fit their needs, as well as their budget.  Whether you are looking to maximize your existing security, or are just starting out in security, we can point you in the right direction.