virtual security engineering

The Virtual Security Engineer works in tandem with the vCISO to implement and execute the Cybersecurity Development Program strategy.

They sit between the blue team and operational team to play an integral role within the Program. The result is to minimize risk by assessing and securing your network.

The vSE supports the following functions:


The vSE will develop and implement appropriate safeguards to limit or contain the impact of a cybersecurity event, ensuring delivery of critical services.


The vSE will develop and implement appropriate activities to take action regarding a detected cybersecurity incident.


The vSE will develop and implement appropriate activities to restore any capabilities or services that were impaired due to a cybersecurity incident. The goal is to recover from a cybersecurity incident and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

The vSE can:
  • Provide hands-on engineering of
    • Endpoint Security
    • IDS (Intrusion Detection)
    • IPS (Intrusion Prevention)
    • High Value Asset Assessments
    • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
    • Threat Hunting
    • Penetration Testing
    • VPN and Remote Access
    • Security Logging
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Security Incident Response
    • SMA (Security Management Appliance) 
  • Respond, research and remediate reported security incidents, alerts and endpoints
  • Engineer long term solutions
  • Evaluate and recommend security products for various platforms and initiatives
  • Provide prescriptive guidance on system implementations, identifying security issues, current data collection practices, incident response activities and corrective actions.
  • Work with Security Architect, CISO, Director, Architect, Manager, Lead, Analyst, and Staff to develop and help carry out security program plans across a wide range of technology, tools and environments
  • Assist in technical remediation of compliance audit findings as well as gathering audit proof

Accomplish your security & compliance goals.

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