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Sedara provides External (Perimeter), Internal (Assumed Breach), Web Application, and Wireless (WiFi) testing. Our penetration tests are focused on business impact.

Sedara uses a penetration testing approach derived from industry best-practice frameworks, including PTES, NIST SP 800-115, OWASP and OSSTMM.


External Vulnerability Assessment

The main focus of an external penetration test is to simulate an external attacker with the goal of compromising systems and collecting data. In an external test, Sedara will attempt to gain unauthorized internal access to your network from the Internet. This can include obtaining private data or any form of unauthorized access to your systems.


Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Sedara will attempt to identify security weaknesses, move laterally and gain access to data from within the network. This can include:

  • Gaining access to restricted or administrator accounts.
  • Escalating privileges within existing roles.
  • Attempting to obtain private data.
  • Searching for and collecting restricted data.

Web Vulnerability Assessment

During a web application penetration test, the tester simulates external or internal attacks through a web application, with the goal of accessing restricted data. This can help organizations identify security gaps and vulnerabilities in their application.

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Our web application penetration tests include:

  • Target Reconnaissance
  • Web Application Scanner Configuration and Tweaking
  • Automated Web Site Crawling
  • Manual Web Site Crawling
  • Automated Unauthenticated Web Vulnerability Scan
  • Automated Authenticated Web Vulnerability Scan
  • Manual Web Vulnerability Testing
  • Results Review, Triage and False Positives Removal
  • Final Results, Published on Secure Cloud Dashboard

Wireless Vulnerability Assessment

A wireless penetration test is a comprehensive evaluation of the wireless networks in your organization using automated and manual methods.

  • Password attacks
  • WEP/WPA cracking
  • Guest wireless segmentation checks
  • Traffic sniffing attacks
  • SSID spoofing
  • Rogue access point discovery

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