Comprehensive Guide to Improve Cybersecurity WITHOUT Spending a Dime

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There is a common underlying thought of what is mandatory to bolster cybersecurity. A bigger budget. Yes, a budget can go a very long way, but a cybersecurity strategy is only as good as its foundation and those implementing it. This guide will take you a couple steps back from the “Buy this new next-gen box to permanently stop malware!” content that floods your feeds daily. Back to the basics of the time-consuming yet IMPERATIVE best-practices.

What You Will Get From This Guide

Knowledge on how to address foundational aspects of a strong cybersecurity posture to reduce risk.

Your reputation with customers, partners, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies correlates with your risk. Reducing risk gives you credibility, resilience, and ultimately a competitive advantage. Nobody in their right mind is happy doing business with a higher risk entity next to a competitor that already understands the same risk and has accounted for it. The operational repercussions of a cyber attack can usually be fixed, but still put an unnecessary burden on your budget. The reputational repercussions are a lot harder to correct if even possible at all and sometimes even permanently shut a company down.

This series isn’t made to blast you with WHY cybersecurity is important. The world has already shown us that. So we will cover exactly HOW to properly secure a network. If you need more justification to put a true emphasis on understanding proper cybersecurity, please read this.

It is possible for most companies to improve their cybersecurity WITHOUT spending a dime. That being said, nothing in today’s world is free. What we cover in this series will still cost time, and yes, it can be summed up into one idea; best-practices.

Who This Series is For

  • A CISO or Manager that needs to create a new cybersecurity strategy, plan or policies.
  • Security teams with limited resources that want or need to improve their cybersecurity posture.
  • New security professionals who want a raw, industry-forged view on what is important to guarantee a solid security foundation.
  • Security professionals who are sick of all of the flashy new boxes and want to implement a more lean and effective cybersecurity strategy.

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  1. Implementing Access Controls
  2. Employee Training
  3. Implementing Encryption
  4. Logs
  5. Environment Configurations
  6. To Be Continued…

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