Resources Webinar NYS CBOE Cybersecurity Webinar – July

NYS CBOE Cybersecurity Webinar – July

About the Webinar

We continue to build a robust community of the IT teams at the counties that are using the Sedara SIEM/MSS.

The goals of this community are: to share updates to the SIEM, discuss techniques for maximizing the value of our service, and address questions about the SIEM, MSS, and cyber threats.

This is the fourth webinar of our quarterly series. All sessions include changes, best practices tech tips, and Q&A. In addition, each session includes one-off topics, presented by Sedara technical staff.


  • Introduce Sedara participants & counties
  • Recap meeting schedule – quarterly, October NYSLGITDA
  • Recap CBOE monitoring activity of past quarter
  • Update from EI-ISAC and primary election
  • Present Top 5 recommendations to have in place for election

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