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A Guide to EDR: What You Need to Know

EDR Defined

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) refers to a category of tools that help security teams detect, investigate, and respond to threats on endpoints.

Typically, EDR platforms have detection, investigation, threat hunting, and response capabilities.

EDR platforms emerged in 2013 to help forensic investigations that demanded detailed endpoint telemetry to analyze malware and learn what an attacker did to a compromised device. Over time, it evolved to incorporate a broader set of features.

How EDR Works

Endpoint Detection and Response is a critical component of any endpoint security solution, with its ability to detect and respond to intrusions while providing granular visibility into the endpoint being attacked. The platform enables a full investigation of the detected threat, including analysis of all relevant endpoint activity.

These security solutions generate alerts to help cybersecurity experts investigate and remediate issues. Typically, EDR solutions are able to analyze events from laptops, desktop PCs, mobile devices, and servers to identify suspicious activity.

Endpoint Detection and Response has the ability to combine real-time cyclical monitoring and collection of endpoint data with analysis, and streamlined response.

The Future of EDR

Endpoint protection alone is not enough in today’s cybersecurity world. In fact, “75% of businesses infected with ransomware were running up-to-date endpoint protection.”

Detection and response capabilities are crucial to protect your data. Organizations receive a bombardment of attacks ranging from opportunistic attacks, such as sending ransomware in an email, to more advanced attacks that exploit your cybersecurity infrastructure.

To learn more about detection and response, check out our free resource on MDR and XDR in our Whiteboard Series.

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