Discussion between Leadership of K-12 School Districts in Monroe County

School District Cybersecurity

Fireside Chat

School districts and cybersecurity partners joined the IT Directors and DPO’s of Webster, Honeoye Falls-Lima, and Brighton school districts, who discussed their cybersecurity program development journey and experience.

Fireside Chat Panelists

Brian Zimmer

Director of Educational Technology and Information

Webster Central School District

Eric Jordan

Director of Technology Services

Brighton Central Schools

Cindy Gorley

Director of Technology Services

Honeoye Falls-Lima School

The fireside chat panelists spoke about:

The challenges of garnering internal support and budget 

How each of the IT Directors chose an approach to developing their cybersecurity programs

Cultural challenges faced when implementing a cybersecurity program

Fireside Chat Moderator


Bridget Harris

Assistant Director

Monroe Regional Information Center & Accountability, Assessment and State Reporting Services

Monroe #1 BOCES and Monroe 2- Orleans BOCES

Additional Panelists on

Cyber Risk Reduction for School Districts


Alan Winchester

Cybersecurity Attorney

Harris Beach

Darrick Kristich

Principal Security Strategist


Dilip Singh

VP of Cyber Operations


The additional presenters above spoke on the following risk reduction concepts as they relate to NYS school districts:

Cyber Insurance, Ransomware, Comptroller Inquiries
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